Educational Project:

Carnglaze Caverns

In collaboration with writers, dancers and performers this project was set in the dark Carnglaze Caverns.

The children were involved in a dance performance with the backdrop of the caves in this alternative and atmospheric venue.

Parents came to see the performance and climbed the many steps down to the lower caves walking through an archway of shining butterflies until they reached the bottom.

Dancing in the caves.

Several schools from East Cornwall took part and the children made bats whose giant shadows loomed across the rocks and boats which floated in the still jet black ponds. Walking through the dark space the audience came across glittering treasures and giant flowers which were dramatically lit . Projections of their creative glittery words lit the rock face, accompanied by a soundscape created by the children.

The venue provided an element of excitement for children, audience and artists and celebrated visual, written and performing achievements. The project brought together a number of schools, some small and rurally isolated who on their own would not have been able to stage such an event. For us artists it was a chance to collaborate and devise a cross arts event of quality and engagement.